Emotional support floofs


We have had pet Silkies for several years, and began building our SOP pens in 2023. These little teddy-near bantams are the perfect blend of cuddly and sweet.

Everything in a working farm has a job, and the Silkies are no different! Due to their feather type, Silkies do not fly, which makes them the perfect little garden helpers. Our flocks rotate in and out of garden duty, helping us clear weeds and control bugs without eating our crops. They're also renowned broodies, and they raise a lot of our baby chicks for us.


    Black from generations of black breeding. We have only Silkie feather type in our black pens, and no showgirls (yet). Look for us in the show hall!


    We're thrilled to have lines from an excellent breeder and friend to start this pen!

  • RED

    We are joining the ranks on this project color working towards the deep mahogany red found in breeds such as Rhode Island Red. They are absolutely gorgeous in the sun!


    This pen is complimentary with our Black pen, and we have one of our black cockbirds over blue and splash hens.


    This is our "fun" pen! We have our sweet Chocolate cockbird Espresso over a chocolate and several paint hens. Both satin and naked neck possible.