The Farm

Welcome to Dam Kids Ranch

We are an urban family "micro-farm" in Southern California, deeply commited to sustainability and "do what you can with what you have!"

We brought home our first goats in early 2021, and took on producing our own meat with heritage Delawares, a Livestock Conservancy breed, in 2022. These city kids learned how to process our own birds, and now love teaching others these vital skills.

We added Bielefelder as a second dual purpose flock in 2023 and are working with the small dedicated breed club to establish them here in the US. We also added Silkies to our breeding projects, and are having a ton of fun raising these silly, adorable little floofs.

We are members of the APA, ASBC, MGR, the Livestock Conservancy and The Good Shepherd Conservancy.

  • Delaware & Bielefelder

    We raise heritage large fowl specifically for table qualities. This sustainable dual purpose flock feeds our family!

    Our Large Fowl 
  • Silkies

    Our silkies are our favorite fluffy butt passion project! We raise Black, BBS, Red, Chocolate and Paint to SOP.

    Our Silkies 
  • The Garden

    You don't need a lot of space to grow your own food, and we have been slowing learning how to do just that.